1031 Exchanges

Nevada County  - Placer County



The IRS Code 1031 offers you a potential tax deferment strategy that when properly used can greatly decrease your tax liability. The main advantage of a 1031 exchange is you are able to dispose of an investment property without paying any capital gains.


I would love to talk to you about your property and we can discuss:

  1. What is a 1031 exchange and is it a workable option for you?

  2. What properties qualify for a 1031 exchange?

  3. What are the legal rules and timelines involved for your situation.

Nevada County and Placer County have some great properties that you can do a 1031 exchange with.   Not only do you save on taxes, but you get to have property in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California.


Please call or email me so we can talk about your needs.



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